6 Underground

Director: Michael Bay
Year Released: 2019
Rating: 1.0

Stop me if you've heard anything similar to this before: a mysterious billionaire (Ryan Reynolds) assembles a 'crack team' of individuals with specialized skills (one knows parkour, another's a former CIA agent, yet another is a vet ... and so on) to help him take out a villainous leader and restore peace to a fictitious country named Turgistan.  Naturally, it would take Michael Bay to think he could liberate an entire nation with just a few individuals, but here we are ... and to go with that hubris, there are also the usual Bay staples: insanely rapid cutting, graphic violence (fun with magnets!), a lack of regard for logical narrative progression and a total explosion of glitz and shiny buildings.  If you can get loaded up well in advance you can let the mindless violence wash over you - sometimes Reynolds' side banter is worth a giggle - and permit the advertisements to soak into your subconscious: this was brought to you by Ferrari, Chopard, Alfa Romeo, Netflix's stressed-out budget office, the tourist boards of Hong Kong and Las Vegas and Dubai as well as Aviation American Gin, which Reynolds owns.  Dave Franco, like his brother James in Alien: Covenant, checks out before the end of the first act: smart move.