Africa Addio

Director: Gualtiero Jacopetti and Franco Prosperi
Year Released: 1966
Rating: 1.0

Yet another highly questionable "documentary" by Italians Jacopetti and Prosperi - inventors of the 'mondo' genre - where they go to "The Dark Continent" and show how the locals descend into war and lunacy once the Colonial powers get on their boats, offer a polite wave and sail away.  As if killing animals (just for the camera alone) wasn't repugnant enough, they now show people getting shot too (mercenaries tie a human skull to the hood of their vehicle) - they claim none of it was 'scripted' or 'faked,' but some visual evidence is a little suspicious (these have to be some of the bravest camera people of all time).  There is a smart, balanced, highly researched film out there in someone's noggin about what happened to Africa after the British (and others) left them - it's a delicate subject - but this often draggy and repellent project is definitely not it.  To "prove" to the critical masses they weren't "racist" they made Goodbye Uncle Tom years later ... which is one of the most offensive movies ever made (that'll show 'em!).