Café Flesh

Director: Stephen Sayadian and Mark S. Esposito
Year Released: 1982
Rating: 1.0

A Nuclear Event takes place (Russians?) and 99% of the population is rendered "sex negative," meaning they can't become intimate without getting physically ill, while the other 1%, the "sex positives," openly fornicate at the title location.  It's a high-concept adult film (even though it was originally not supposed to be X rated) with a unique idea (and this was before AIDS became well known) but still has the same issues most pornographic films of its time did: terrible dialogue, bad music, over-the-top acting (the MC is a nod to Cabaret).  It was written by Jerry Stahl (using the pseudonym Herbert W. Day) who supplies some meta-commentary - watching people do it is less fun than doing it yourself; watching your girlfriend get nailed by another guy isn't the best feeling for non-cuckolds - but, if Permanent Midnight is to be believed, he was also high out of his ever-loving mind.  You see, cocaine was pretty good back in the 80's ... or so I heard (gracias Pablo!).