Cluny Brown

Director: Ernst Lubitsch
Year Released: 1946
Rating: 3.5

Garrulous orphan Cluny (Jennifer Jones) - who has a passion for plumbing - gets set by her uncle to work as a maid for a wealthy English family - while there, she starts dating a Momma's Boy pharmacist (Richard Haydn) but the man really in love with her, the suave professor Belinski (Charles Boyer), watches over her.  It's a light slap at British Stuffiness (who says a woman shouldn't be able to bang on pipes?) and an altogether winning comedy, with Boyer able to smooth over any problem and Jones an energetic force of positive energy: being set pre-War, Hitler's coming, but no one's taking it too seriously.  Remind me again: is it nuts to the squirrels or squirrels to the nuts?  Both sound just fine to me....