The Wild Angels

Director: Roger Corman
Year Released: 1966
Rating: 1.0

After Hells Angel 'Loser' (Bruce Dern) gets shot by the Pigs tryin' to Ruin His Fun, his fellow members, led by 'Heavenly Blues' (Peter Fonda), break him out of the hospital (he dies anyway), bribe an undertaker to prepare the body and then destroy a church and turn it into a drunken orgy (Loser's widow, played by Diane Ladd, gets raped on the altar).  It's trying to be shocking, but Corman - along with Peter Bogdanovich (and Monte Hellman as the editor) - isn't sure how to pace it out - there isn't much of a 'movie' there, just lots of shots of Harleys driving too long and Nancy Sinatra (a beautiful singer but not much of an actress) trying to woo Fonda: he's too cool for one chick, ya dig?  There are at least two good things to come from this bit of silliness: (1.) the existence of Laura Dern and (2.) the fact that it inspired Mr. Dennis Hopper to take this concept one (drug-induced) step further: looking for an America that may have never existed.