Greaser's Palace

Director: Robert Downey Sr.
Year Released: 1972
Rating: 2.0

A man who looks like a carnival barker (Allan Arbus, ex-husband to Diane) parachutes down to an Old West town and gains a following by walking on water and (sort-of) healing the sick (he also tells everyone he's going to Jerusalem to be an actor); one of his admirers is Greaser (Albert Henderson) who's constipated.  There are some laughs to be had in this acid Western that's intended to be a jokey rendition of the Christ narrative - no Downey film is without its highlights - except it kind of just ambles around aimlessly (when there aren't long periods of silence) and is pretty half-assed (if not fully-baked).  Some of the casting choices are ... different: Hervé Villechaize tries to seduce the "Messiah" and Toni Basil is a topless Native American Girl who's so fine she just might blow your mind.