Liquid Sky

Director: Slava Tsukerman
Year Released: 1982
Rating: 1.0

An U.F.D.P. (Unidentified Flying Dinner Plate) with aliens that crave heroin drops down on a rooftop in New York City - inside that building is promiscuous model named Margaret (Anne Carlisle), who has a lover named Jimmy (Carlisle again) and a coochie so powerful it can make people evaporate.  The whole androgynous club scene atmosphere and glowing decor and bright makeup is visually striking (it supposedly influenced the electroclash genre of music, led by the likes of Goldfrapp, Fischerspooner and Chicks on Speed), except Tsukerman doesn't really know how to tell a narrative in any typical way, leaping around to the different characters almost randomly.  I winced anytime one of the "performers" spoke, and it gave me icky flashbacks to De Palma's Phantom of the Paradise.  There's one key line worth remembering: "Cocteau was Cocteau before he did any drugs."