Chafed Elbows

Director: Robert Downey Sr.
Year Released: 1966
Rating: 3.0

Exceptionally funny experimental film - pieced together with mostly still images and voice over - about financially strapped Walter Dinsmore (George Morgan), who has sexual relations with his mother, goes to a therapist, dresses up like a police officer, meets with a poetry professor, joins a band and later becomes a caterer.  The 'plot,' as you might have guessed, isn't the point: it's a stream-of-conscious exercise in absurdist comedy that works as social satire and a send-up of traditional dramas ... and also a family affair: Downey's then-wife Elsie plays every single female role!  It's rare to have a movie with this many funny lines - here are a few favorites that don't work out of context: "How can you talk about sniffing socks when all those people are starving in China," "I'm listed in the Yellow Pages under Truth," and "He knew my mother personally so he reported the death as a mercy killing."