Director: Jacques Tourneur
Year Released: 1955
Rating: 2.0

Wyatt Earp (Joel McCrea) journeys to the "anything goes" town of Wichita to get involved in business, but is recruited to be marshal by local leaders - he refuses at first, but when drunken cowboys start shooting at random and accidentally kill a small boy, he changes his mind, becomes a lawman and kicks out the maniacs.  When compared to other Westerns from the same era, it's a lot of the same-old material (some critics praise Tourneur's style), with the exception of its firm stance on Gun Control - Earp bans guns for everyone except law enforcement, which at first is met with hostility but eventually reason prevails.  The fact that this topic is still hotly debated 60+ years later and will probably be argued over one-hundred years from now will never not baffle me: just this morning I saw a Tweet from a Texas state rep named Briscoe Cain threatening politician Beto O'Rourke with his AR-15.