Director: Russ Meyer
Year Released: 1976
Rating: 1.5

After Adolf Hitler ... sorry, Adolf Schwartz (Edward Schaaf) is murdered in a bathtub with a piranha (after being whipped and sodomized ... you know, a typical Third Reich evening), there's a big mystery as to who did it and why - elsewhere in town, chesty Margo (Raven De La Croix) is making all the men absolutely berserk with her curves, with some of them being driven to sexual assault.  It's entirely incoherent and madcap and juvenile - Kitty Natividad, Meyer's lover, appears at random to "explain things" (while go-go dancing nude) - and it's all just an excuse for so, so many extreme close-ups of nipples and public thatches and hysterical sex sessions in the woods (so many positions!) that ends with an intoxicated Paul Bunyon-type brute getting an axe in the back, a police officer getting an axe in the chest (and removing it himself!), and Margo getting a promotion.  I'd be lying if I said that seeing the ravishing De La Croix and Janet Wood (as Alice) stark naked and chasing each other didn't make me feel like the wolf in Tex Avery's Swing Shift Cinderella.  Ah-ooo-gah!