Corpus Callosum

Director: Michael Snow
Year Released: 2002
Rating: 1.5

Avant-garde filmmaker Snow's camera tracks through an office while the workers get digitally twisted around or zapped with electricity and the monitors buzz - the same camera also sits stationary in a room while a small child (Snow's son) watches the television set and the objects on the wall appear, disappear or go up in flames (while his parents walk around and even change gender).  I've seen a lot of Snow's early work (and liked some of it, especially Wavelength) but I'm calling B.S. on this: playing around with effects (twisting the screen, turning people into mush) is fine and all, but it should lead somewhere but I don't get the impression there's much intellectually going on here and it quickly becomes stale (maybe it was intended as something as a retrospective, which would explain the final bit with an animated man and his twisting leg as well as the title: the corpus callosum is the "central region" of the brain).  There's a fantastic scene with children banding together to stack their desks and deactivate a camera, but that's one of the only notable moments.