Giant Little Ones

Director: Keith Behrman
Year Released: 2018
Rating: 2.0

On the night of his birthday, Franky (Josh Wiggins) is supposed to finally consummate his relationship with his girlfriend Priscilla (Hailey Kittle), but life intervenes and instead he spends it with his best friend Ballas (Darren Mann) ... and they wake up together after a not-so-platonic night.  I think Behrman has good intentions, but it would be nice to see a coming-of-age-and-out story not involve cheap violence, as good natured (but irritatingly passive) Franky gets ridiculed by peers and beaten up by his former bestie, who clearly hasn't learned what Freudian projection is.  There are some Hallmark speeches by his father (Kyle MacLachlan) - who came out of the closet and left his family (the hint that it's 'hereditary' should have been better thought out) - and Franky has two allies, lesbian Mouse (Niamh Wilson) and kindred soul Natasha (Taylor Hickson), who feels more real than anyone else in the damn thing.  I'm not sure what year this movie is set in, because these days coming out in high school is not as damning as it was any other time in human history.