Get to Know Your Rabbit

Director: Brian De Palma
Year Released: 1972
Rating: 1.5

Businessman Donald Beeman (Tom Smothers) gets tired of his job and leaves in order to take lessons under Mr. Delasandro (Orson Welles) on how to become a tap-dancing magician (?!) - after graduating magna cum laude, he takes his act on the road, leaving former colleague Mr. Turnbull (John Astin) behind to act as his 'manager.'  De Palma himself admitted - in the documentary about him by Noah Baumbach and Jake Paltrow - that the production was a wreck (and it shows): Orson wouldn't learn his lines, Smothers disappeared for days and when he wrote some ways to "fix the movie," he was booted out.  It's too bad, because there's a snarky satire of capitalist culture in there underneath the sloppiness - Astin peddles a 'way out' of that corporate lifestyle to the disenfranchised white collar guys and they actually buy in: remember, always live life at the gut level.