Crimes of the Future

Director: David Cronenberg
Year Released: 1970
Rating: 0.5

Cronenberg's second feature is even less coherent than his first (if that's to be believed): at a dermatological clinic, there's a serious problem with cosmetic products that are killing women ... but after that, the story turns into actual gibberish.  He has his undefined 'characters' - who, once again, don't speak (due to loud camera noises?) - drifting around Toronto eating makeup that has them puke or putting on countless white gloves or playing with feet or in a room with a little girl coloring (there are, unfortunately, pedophilic overtones in that last part).  It's as far removed from a masterpiece like Dead Ringers as I am from composing the next Appalachian Spring, but it does show a soon-to-be excellent filmmaker getting a handle on his outré preoccupations.