Director: Bong Joon-ho
Year Released: 2019
Rating: 3.5

A family (with Bong regular Song Kang-ho as the father, Jang Hye-jin as the mother) that lives in a filthy basement and needs regular jobs (instead of folding pizza boxes) comes up with a plan to sneak into the house of a mega-wealthy tech entrepreneur Dong-ik Park (Lee Sun-kyun) one at a time, starting with the son landing a job tutoring Park's teenage daughter in English.  This is the second notable film about class warfare I've seen in 2019 - Peele's Us being the first - and it's a dark, often hilarious but also troubling statement about the 1%ers - with their designer houses, "art therapy," maid service, etc. - and the rest of society that has to worry about their home being flooded with sewage, stealing Wi-Fi and chasing away drunks urinating outside their window.  Bong alluded to having Marxist/socialist leanings with his excellent action film Snowpiercer, and he's continuing that train of thought here - the argument is that we're living in a rigged system, and with any attempt to 'break out' of that - sometimes by reaching too far too fast - we end up being buried (literally) deeper than when we started and fighting with equally less fortunate individuals (the elites, meanwhile, remain sensitive to the pervasive smell of poverty).