Light of My Life

Director: Casey Affleck
Year Released: 2019
Rating: 3.5

A plague has spread throughout the world, but it only affects females, so Good Dad (Casey Affleck), who lost his wife (Elisabeth Moss) to the illness, has to protect his only daughter "Rag" (Anna Pniowsky) - who's immune to it - from nefarious men.  Affleck, who also wrote and directed it, said at the Berlinale that he started writing it ten years ago, which may be true, but the timing of its release is interesting: he faced accusations of sexual harassment from two different women, and I wonder if this is his mea culpa, a declaration about protecting the fair sex from predators (before concluding that women are indeed strong and are less helpless than some might lead you to believe).  There may be too many long 'storytelling' moments from the Dad character, but it's all about the bond between a widower and his only descendant, and he and Pniowsky make a great pair.  I wonder if he got the title from the famous entry in Teddy Roosevelt's diary after he lost his mother and spouse within hours of each other....