Director: Cindy Chupack
Year Released: 2019
Rating: 0.5

Three Moms (Patricia Arquette, Angela Bassett and Felicity Huffman), after not receiving either phone calls or gifts for Mother's Day from their sons (Jake Hoffman, Jake Lacy and Sinqua Walls), drive into New York City to 'visit' them ... and forcibly intrude on their lives.  I recognize there are not a lot of roles for middle-aged women in movies, but this isn't a good place to start: the movie sides with the Ladies and chastises their offspring for not 'calling enough' or being more open and honest with them, but you can see why they keep a distance - all three women are obnoxious and overbearing in their own special ways (and seeing them get plastered and sloppy is unbecoming).  Somehow, this meddling makes everything 'work out' - even after an argument about cheating husbands (is there any other kind?) - and the three lads can bless the screenplay gods for maternal intervention.  Out of curiosity: did Huffman's character bribe a university to accept her son?