Gloria Bell

Director: Sebastián Lelio
Year Released: 2018
Rating: 2.5

A divorced woman (Julianne Moore) goes to work, counsels her (grown) kids and spends her nights dancing, where she meets another (supposed) divorcee, Arnold (John Turturro), and thinks they have a connection together, but he can't break off from his manipulative wife and daughters.  I respect Lelio for showing a middle-aged - and strong - woman just living her life the best she can and on the lookout for love and a future with another person ... but she's also just so wholesome and good and it feels a little too neatly put together: she doesn't think that bringing her boyfriend to meet her ex-husband (Brad Garrett) is a problem (it is), but when Arnold ditches her in Las Vegas you know he's Just No Good (it's so strange to see Turturro play 'the bad guy').  Moore is glowing, as always, and the final shot of her suggests she'll make it through ... which is exactly what the director intended from the start.