Director: Kogonada
Year Released: 2017
Rating: 0.5

A professor of modernist architecture has a stroke in Columbus, Indiana, so his son Jin (John Cho) comes in to check on him - while there he meets Casey (Haley Lu Richardson), who skipped going to college to work in the library and take care of her drug-addict mother.  This would be what I would consider "Truly Awful Arthouse" - the director admitted that Ozu was an influence (with those master-shot compositions, no duh) but the movie is the opposite of graceful, with too many stiff conversations between Jin and Casey revolving around how much they can't stand their parents (save that crap for therapy) while standing in front of various Eero Saarinen structures.  There's a gaping difference between having talent and impersonating people who had talent - that said, Ms. Richardson is very good, and those classic buildings are intriguing enough to make you want to visit, take some photos and then leave right away.