Long Shot

Director: Jonathan Levine
Year Released: 2019
Rating: 2.0

After rogue journalist Fred (Seth Rogan, in full hypebeast mode) quits his job at a newspaper - because a scuzzy billionaire (Andy Serkis looking like Sheldon Adelson with hair) bought the publication - he just so happens to be at a party with the Secretary of State Charlotte Field (Charlize Theron), who was his childhood babysitter and she just so happens to invite him to be her speechwriter and they just so happen to fall in love (but there are complications).  Even if you can accept the stiff setup you're in for a deluge of Trump digs, stoner humor, Jewish gags and some crassness (Rogan blowing a load on his face) and the unlikely pairing of Seth and Charlize, who don't have a lot of chemistry together (he needs to look at her the same way he looks at a vape mod).  The scene where the two of them do Molly and then Theron gets pulled away by her handlers and has to negotiate with a foreign leader - who has taken an American hostage - is hilarious ... but it does suggest that all the world's issues could be resolved if we all got high and chilled out.  Hold on ... did Rogan write any of this?