Point Blank

Director: Joe Lynch
Year Released: 2019
Rating: 2.0

Paul (Anthony Mackie), a male nurse, is knocked out in his own home and his pregnant wife gets kidnapped - he's instructed that he must secure the release of a injured man named Abe (Frank Grillo) out of the hospital or else the Mrs. and unborn baby will be executed.  This, like Wheelman (also with Grillo), is the type of movie Netflix is the ideal platform for - hard-edged B-movies with recognizable faces - except, you know, they should be better plotted than an hour-long TV show - my heavens this is clunky, and the whole "D.A. is corrupt" thing has been done so many times.  Still, in a time of progressiveness and "we all need to accept each other," here's Marcia Gay Harden's villain getting kicked in the head.  Sorry, Marcia.