All Is Good

Director: Eva Trobisch
Year Released: 2018
Rating: 2.0

Janne (Aenne Schwarz), who lives with her boyfriend Piet (Andreas Döhler), goes to a class reunion and after a night of heavy drinking is raped in the kitchen by a former classmate (she doesn't report it to the police or tell anyone) - later, she takes a job she desperately needs ... and learns that her boss' brother-in-law is the man who assaulted her.  It deals with a topical and very frightening issue - the abuse of women by men who don't respect 'stop,' 'no,' etc. - and 'the' scene itself is filmed so unflinchingly you know there was zero consent, but the rest of the movie mistakes vagueness for depth: the characters are merely sketches of people and scenes cut out without follow through.  There's overexplaining - which isn't necessarily good - and then there's breaking up the movie into fragments and expecting some sort of tangible resolution.  (I understand the fear that takes place in scenarios like that, but a sharp object in the eye would probably keep someone off of you.)