The Perfection

Director: Richard Shepard
Year Released: 2018
Rating: 0.5

Gifted cellist Charlotte (Allison Williams, daughter of Brian) goes to Shanghai to visit with members of her old music school (run by Steven Weber), and meet one of their new prodigies, Lizzie (Logan Browning) - the two ladies play a concert with each other, spend the night together, and then go on a backpacking trip in China ... where Lizzie falls ill and thinks bugs are in her body.  Although it is a always nice to see someone trying something new plot-wise - without reading a complete rundown of the plot it would be difficult to guess where it was headed - sometimes when you try to be creative - sans talent - you hurl out the window any sort of logic or reason: there are twists, yes, but each and every twist makes the movie even more moronic (surely, there could have been another way to convince Lizzie she's in a bad situation?).  You just know the dingbats that 'wrote' (or is it scribbled?) this thought of the final shot first: men are evil rapists, grrl power, etc.