The Angels' Melancholia

Director: Marian Dora
Year Released: 2009
Rating: 0.0

Two friends, Katze (Carsten Frank) and Brauth (Zenza Raggi), get together for "one last 'good' time" - Katze has a terminal illness - so they take three women to a house from their past, bring in a girl in a wheelchair and a one-eyed weirdo, and proceed to drink and take drugs and go totally bonkers, engaging in a medley of transgressive acts (urinating and defecating everywhere, stepping on little creatures, masturbating at a funeral pyre and so on).  This one has shown up on many "most disturbing movies of all time" lists so I had to find a way to see it, and all it amounts to are extended moments of better-than-average cinematography and Samuel Dalferth's score - which sounds like it was made for an uplifting Hollywood romance - interrupted by depravity.  Anytime a movie feels the need to show animals - a cat, a rabbit, a pig, a tiny lizard - getting killed on screen you know it's morally bankrupt (or just trying very hard to offend) and to make matters worse, Dora seems to think he's a philosopher ... and there's a section where Katze and Brauth go to Dachau and prance around, as if this is some sort of Grand Statement about post-war Germany.  It isn't.  It's a movie where a girl in a wheelchair has her colostomy bag removed and then has her stoma forcibly poked and prodded at.  Later on, she's sodomized and left to die in a field.  'Marian Dora' is actually a pseudonym, and the director is rumored to be a physician in real life, which makes you wonder if that annual check-up is worth it.