Director: Matthew Ross
Year Released: 2018
Rating: 1.0

Lucas (Keanu Reeves), who's involved in the sale of diamonds, journeys to St. Petersburg to find out what happened to his partner, hooks up with cafe worker Katya (Ana Ularu) despite being married and then tries selling fake blue diamonds to a lunatic underworld type ... and you can figure out how it's going to end for him.  As commanding a screen presence as Reeves is, he can't do much with a woefully pedestrian script with very little backstory or character development and an assortment of seedy Russians drinking all day and "forming friendships" by doing cocaine and getting blowjobs together.  It's supposed to be a mood piece, but the only feeling I got from it was "so what?"  Here's another punch to the gut: it wasn't even shot in Russia or Siberia - it was filmed in Canada.  But maybe calling it "Manitoba" wouldn't have sounded so ominous....