The Predator

Director: Shane Black
Year Released: 2018
Rating: 1.5

Those jacked-up extraterrestrial killers - with crab faces and a lot of flashy gizmos - are back on Planet Earth, and it's up to yet another rag-tag group of so-called crazies (led by Boyd Holbrook) to take them down.  I originally wondered why in the hell a filmmaker as talented as Black would bother directing this, but then I remembered he was actually in the first Predator movie (back in 1987) and wanted to 'continue the story' (it's not a reboot) ... only the setup is very rudimentary (shoot monster, run, etc.) and there's no character development or good, snappy dialogue (a Black staple) but it does bring up a challenging question: what if autism - Holbrook's son (Jacob Tremblay) has it - is actually the next step in human evolution?  It's a little 'out there' as far as theories go, but worth humoring for a moment: how else are our brains to deal with the unstoppable breakout of new immersive technology?