Unicorn Store

Director: Brie Larson
Year Released: 2017
Rating: 0.5

Untalented Kit (Larson) gets kicked out of art school (and rightfully so) and goes back to live with her parents where she works as a temp at a PR firm (run by Hamish Linklater) ... and gets an invitation from a salesman (Samuel L. Jackson) ... to get a free unicorn, which is intended to make her happy again.  No, I am not making this up.  Completely asinine feature-length debut for director Larson - she made some shorts previously - with a script that should have been shredded and then doused with gasoline and burned: it's really about making peace with childhood issues and one's family and 'becoming an adult' (cough cough) - it's on a Field of Dreams-level of unhealthiness.  I never could have thought Zach Braff's lame Garden State would be one of those movies Millennials tried remaking in their own way ... go see an actual therapist.