Director: Vicky Jewson
Year Released: 2019
Rating: 1.0

Tormented soldier Sam (Noomi Rapace) takes a contract to be the bodyguard for impulsive heiress Sarah (Olivia Jewson, the director's lil sis - cast due to nepotism, not talent) who stands to inherit a huge stake in her late father's prosperous mining company, but even 'hiding' her in a safe house in Morocco doesn't keep away baddies that want to kidnap her. The 'plot' is very standard (with very few frills) and allows for Noomi to run around and shoot cops and choke a guy with a chains and even impale someone on a fish-hook (although it's odd that she doesn't know Arabic but Sarah does). It's Straight-to-Netflix fodder that solely exists to reinforce that Ms. Rapace (like Rooney Mara) is, indeed, capable of being a badass ... for those that haven't seen a single one of her other movies.