Director: Gaspar NoƩ
Year Released: 2018
Rating: 1.5

A dance troupe - including Sofia Boutella - practice in an abandoned school gymnasium and when they aren't working on their moves they're talking about having sex with each other and drinking the sangria ... until they realize (uh oh!) someone spiked the drink (oh my!) with acid (holy cow!). Noé, working off of his five page script (I know ... that seems a little long), cares less about character development and more about color schemes and long takes and turning his camera upside down and having his 'cast' pee on the floor and scream and roll over each other, which becomes tedious to sit through (it's like Marat/Sade but without a fraction of the depth). It's supposed to simulate a bad trip, so people who hate plotting or good dialogue might be more game for this than I: if you ask me you shouldn't go to a movie to watch actors and actresses pretending to be wasted ... you should just get wasted yourself.