Director: Steve McQueen
Year Released: 2018
Rating: 3.0

After four men (led by Liam Neeson) were killed by the Chicago police after a heist, their wives (led by Viola Davis) band together to rob the office of a corrupt politician (Colin Ferrell), who conveniently has left several million in a safe room. This is a cold, cruel movie, where smiles and joy are things of the past and the only thing left are the bills: McQueen, working with Gone Girl writer Gillian Flynn, based this on the book by Lynda La Plante ... and while they seem to skip around with the plot and omit some details, made a better-than-average crime caper - Grrl Power Gone Gritty - free of the Soderbergh frills. Good to see Neeson playing a less-than-admirable-character; good to see Debicki still towering over her male counterparts.