Fahrenheit 11/9

Director: Michael Moore
Year Released: 2018
Rating: 3.0

Professional pest (and Michigan's own) Moore covers the U.S. Presidency of 2016 in which Emperor T. upset Hildog (despite Bernie Sanders winning a lot of the States that went with Hillary ... which I did not know about) and his hubris-filled lunacy has been plaguing us (and the rest of the world) ever since. I've said it before but it bears repeating: Moore is a comedian first and foremost, so anyone going after him for tweaking footage to make his point can just hush up, but he's also a Patriot in the best sense and he genuinely cares about the health of the country. And no Moore production isn't without some new pieces of info no one else has reported (or if they did, it got lost in the clickbait) - how Gwen Stefani had something to do with this debacle, how Obama failed the people of Flint, Michigan (in a crushingly disappointing part of the documentary), how Trump didn't want to appear on Roseanne Barr's show with him - as well as things we already knew about the Don but don't want to think about (his comments about his daughter, his eviction of non-white people) ... and current issues with him that we can't stop thinking about (collusion with Russia, paying off escorts, shutting down the government just to fund some stupid wall). I do wish the Hitler comparisons were omitted: I get where he's going with it, but until Trump sets up concentration camps and invades Canada and Mexico, it's still not the same. Yet.