Director: Jeffrey Nachmanoff
Year Released: 2018
Rating: 2.5

Research scientist Will (Keanu Reeves) just so happens (!) to be working on a project involving transferring the minds of the deceased into new forms just so happens (!!) to lose his wife (Alice Eve) and three kids in a car accident ... queue Frankenstein-ish dreams of Playing God. You can probably knock this B-movie (with an A-list star) for a lot of things, including some tacky CGI and general hamminess, but I liked the setup and execution - the movie seems to have some truly weird atheist bent wherein people can be replaced with a quick needle in the eye and concepts like the soul and the afterlife get brushed off (which I don't agree with, but I'll at least entertain it). While I typically hate to get 'personal' regarding actors and actresses, I couldn't help but wonder whether Reeves took this role because of the tragedies that he's endured - I mean, isn't there someone we'd all like to 'bring back' if we had the power to do so (and didn't fear cosmic reprisal)?