In Darkness

Director: Anthony Byrne
Year Released: 2018
Rating: 1.0

Sofia (Natalie Dormer), a blind pianist living in London, hears her upstairs neighbor Veronique (Emily Ratajkowski) fall to her death one night, and the police come sniffing around ... but, as fate would have it, the two women have a connection with a Serbian war criminal. It's hard to not see Sofia tapping around with her cane and be followed by shady types and not think of Wait Until Dark, but the "script" (co-written by Dormer) gets considerably less plausible the further it goes along: everyone's chasing after a thumb drive (with top-secret information on it) and a hitman (Ed Skrein) pops up to provide much needed protection (and a one-night-stand for Sofia ... just because). There are nods to Hitchcock and De Palma, but Alma would have shredded the draft they were working from and Brian would have amped up the sleaze and hoped the audience would have lost track of 'the plot.' 'He has a preference for blind women' ... now that's a weird (and very specific) fetish.