Director: Gareth Evans
Year Released: 2018
Rating: 0.5

Physically and emotionally scarred Thomas (Dan Stevens) goes to an isolated "community" (read: cult) run by the nefarious Prophet Malcolm (Michael Sheen) to rescue his sister, who's being held for ransom. There isn't much content to get excited about - religious zealots tend to not be the most upstanding people ... wow - and it only gets 'creative' when Evans brings out a few monsters ripped from a Clive Barker novel (the goddess who feeds on blood, the torturer with his head wrapped up, the beast who lives in a sewer) and some old school torture devices, like the Rack and a trepanning tool that bores into the skulls of "heretics" who need to be "purified." If it wasn't trying to be so serious it wouldn't be accidentally funny, and if Dan Stevens is a leading man, I'm Larry Olivier.