Support the Girls

Director: Andrew Bujalski
Year Released: 2018
Rating: 3.0

Lisa (Regina Hall), a manager at a sports bar in Austin, Texas, has to balance keeping her own life together and keeping the customers happy, while tending to "her family," namely her female coworkers (including Haley Lu Richardson, Shayne McHayle and Dylan Gelula), who have their own troubles. It's wonderful what a director like Bujalski can do when he isn't making a movie about wallflowers and geeks: here's his own "Me Too" effort, although one done with empathy and genuineness, since he clearly cares for his lively characters and wants them to lead good lives (did the aura of Linklater rub off on him?). Running a trim ninety minutes, however, short-changes them a good deal, and they could have used a little more back story (not unlike what they did for the marvelous show Glow) - I respect the short-and-sweet philosophy when it comes to some films, but with characters this 'real' you need to maximize their screen time. As for getting a tattoo of Steph Curry: what an idiotic life choice (now if it were Joel Embiid on the other hand...).