Director: Ari Aster
Year Released: 2018
Rating: 2.0

Following the death of her mother, artist Annie (Toni Collette) goes through the grieving process, only to have her only daughter Charlie (Milly Shapiro) killed in a car accident a short while later - she reaches out to a support group, and finds a friend in Joan (Ann Dowd), who shows her how to summon spirits ... except this unleashes all sorts of problems on her, her husband (Gabriel Byrne) and son Peter (Alex Wolff). Judging from the title, I'm assuming director Aster intended this to be a metaphor for unresolved family/personal issues coming out in horrific ways ... except it runs on long enough to completely unravel into a sloppy mess: it turns out there's a Satanic Cult in town possessing people (details are sparse - all you get is Collette flipping through Evil Old Books about demonic minions) and making head removal a #1 priority (there's also geriatric nudity!). Despite the descent into silliness, it's well shot (by Pawel Pogorzelski) and contains a very solid performance by Ms. Collette, who does hysteria with conviction.