Every Day

Director: Michael Sucsy
Year Released: 2018
Rating: 1.0

Holy schizo-babble, what a doozy: teen Rhiannon (Angourie Rice) falls in love with a "spirit" that calls itself "A" that travels from person to person (it can be male or female, black or white or Asian or whatever) every single day (!), so she has to keep a communication line open to find out in what body "A" is inhabiting ... oddly, most everyone is not in a complete panic over this and more or less tolerant of her behavior (she does get slut-shamed once). I have no idea if David Levithan's novel 'works' on the page (I never read it), but on screen it's garbled and a challenge to accept: I think he's trying to make a (progressive) statement about loving what's inside a person (their soul, if you will) versus what's outside, but I don't believe human sexuality works like that in this little thing we know as 'reality' (looks do matter, sorry). It's dealing with some Field of Dreams-level of psychological unhealthiness, but since it's about spirituality and cosmic connections, we're supposed to see Rhi as a young romantic instead of an off-kilter young woman in need of actual help (there is a suicidal girl at one point, but she gets "fixed" in a jiffy). Excuse me while I dust off my collection of crystals and break out the scented oils....