Director: Steven Soderbergh
Year Released: 2018
Rating: 2.0

A stressed out woman (Claire Foy) checks herself into a "behavioral health" facility because of duress over being a victim of stalking - while there, she discovers she not only "can't leave" but one of the medical assistants (Joshua Leonard) bears a strong resemblance to the very same man she's been trying to run away from. It plays this little "mind" game for a tiny bit - is she bonkers or is she actually correct? - and then it shows its hand too quickly, making the last third a major let-down (on top of being incoherent and utterly unrealistic): what I thought was going to be an attack on psych facilities (and insurance companies ... who are basically sociopathic) just turns out to be a dressed-up B-movie. Soderbergh, ever the "innovator," recorded this on an iPhone 7 (with some add-ons) for, I'm guessing, that "gritty feel" ... but he would have been better off trying to patch up the holes in the storyline (not that that means much to him).