Happy Gilmore

Director: Dennis Dugan
Year Released: 1996
Rating: 2.0

Lousy hockey player-turned-golfer Happy (Adam Sandler), who has an incredibly accurate drive (all those years taking slap shots pays off!), enters a golf tournament - under the tutelage of one-handed Chubbs (Carl Weathers) - in order to make enough money to get his grandmother her house back (the IRS always wants their money). Being over twenty years old now, there's a bit of nostalgia to be taken from this 'crowd-pleaser' (brought to you by Subway) in which a blue collar guy takes on the upper-crust world of golf (and a smug Christopher McDonald) with crude technique and wins over the working class ... and cutie pie reporter Virginia Venit (Julie Bowen). Sandler's man-child persona isn't for everybody, but it does lead to a quite funny fist fight with Bob Barker (as himself). Could you actually beat up people on live TV in the mid-nineties and not get arrested? The 20th century was a much simpler time....