Director: Andrzej Żuławski
Year Released: 2015
Rating: 0.5

Law student-turned-"novelist" Witold (Jonathan Genet) and fashion designer Fuchs (Johan Libéreau) go and live with a quite 'off' family - there, they find objects 'hanging' from rope (a sparrow, wood, later on a cat and a human being) and Witold falls in love with twitchy Lena (the gorgeous Victória Guerra). I understand why Żuławski chose the Gombrowicz novel to be his last feature - they're fellow countrymen and have an interest in the history of Poland, they both share a taste for the surreal and cryptic - but Gombrowicz was too idiosyncratic a novelist to properly adapt to the screen, with this coming across as a bad 60's French student film, except with good lighting: the dialogue is mostly gibberish and it's never entirely clear what's happening or why everyone's so off-the-rails (and who writes with a 36 point font?). If there's one actress you don't need to coax to get into a tizzy it's Sabine Azéma ... good heavens.