Like Father

Director: Lauren Miller Rogan
Year Released: 2018
Rating: 1.0

Hard-working Rachel (Kristen Bell) gets ditched at the altar by her would-be husband but she reconnects with her long-lost Dad Harry (Kelsey Grammar), who accompanies her on a cruise to Jamaica that was supposed to be for her honeymoon. It plays around with its Electra Complex implications - Pop and Daughter are frequently mistaken for a newly married couple - and has Rachel stone-faced as she stares hypnotically into her ever-glowing cell phone (disconnect sometimes, sheeple!) ... before she has the Inevitable Breakdown and her and her Father Start the Healing Process (over "sugary cocktails" and karaoke). Director Rogan, married to actor Seth, chucks her real-life husband in there as Rachel's "side piece" (and, in the only funny scene, he refuses to take a hit off a joint), but it's a movie that prefers easy weepy-weepies to comedy (hey, look, a flamboyant gay couple!). It could also double as an advertisement for Royal Caribbean: Come, Sail the Seas While Unloading Your Personal Baggage!