Director: Ben Young
Year Released: 2018
Rating: 2.0

Engineer and family man Peter (Michael Peña), married to Alice (Lizzy Caplan) and raising two daughters, keeps having nightmares about an impending invasion that is interfering with his sleeping schedule and daily life, until one day the bullets and missiles start pouring on them. Let me at least give this a tiny bit of credit to try something mildly creative - I did not see the 'twist' coming (think: knock-off Philip K. Dick), which changes everything that came before it ... although it takes a while to get there, so one has to slog through a cut-rate sci-fi movie (which masks its budgetary limitations pretty well) before the 'truth' is revealed. By the end, I wondered if it was a intended as a metaphor about immigrants/outsiders 'taking over the country' ... but I doubt the makers truly thought that far. Netflix: accumulating billions in debt for your lackluster 'entertainment.' Dun-dun!