Father of the Year

Director: Tyler Spindel
Year Released: 2018
Rating: 1.0

Post-college pals Ben (Joey Bragg) and Larry (Matt Shively) debate who would win in a fight between their fathers, professional bum Wayne (David Spade) and scientist Mardy (Nat Faxon), all the while trying to plan out the rest of their lives (Ben wants to work for an eco-friendly company, Larry ... guns for the military route). Being a Happy Madison production, you get your expected helping of awkwardness and male nudity and physical 'comedy' (mostly Spade getting tossed around or spazzing out) - it tries to do very, very little and is content with that, which is a shame because its young cast, which includes Bill Kottkamp as the group 'weirdo' and Bridgit Mendler as Ben's snarky love interest, is kind of pleasant to watch: they're lost and confused and their blunders slide off of them in seconds. Of course, it has to sink to the level of Spade punching uppity Millennials and squirt guns filled with urine and geriatric sex ... you know, to keep the stoners giggling (when not burning holes in the sofa).