Father Figures

Director: Lawrence Sher
Year Released: 2017
Rating: 1.5

Twin brothers Pete (Ed Helms) and Kyle (Owen Wilson) are told by their mother Helen (Glenn Close) - on her wedding day - that their birth father, who they thought was dead, is still alive, leading them on a wild goose chase throughout the Eastern U.S. to connect with dear ol' Pop. It's never good when you are basically cribbing from Mamma Mia! (but without the ABBA songs) and liberally dashing in 'brotherly feelings' and heavy sentimentality (bonding!) - when it tries to be mildly amusing it fails horrifically, wasting Katt Williams and 'borrowing' from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia when it comes to the stereotypically Irish family in Worcester (oh those McPoyles!). Helen's 'explanation' as to why she didn't tell her adult sons the 'truth' of their origins is dumb and irresponsible, but it's not like you had Hecht and MacArthur sketching out the blasted thing in the first place.