The Kissing Booth

Director: Vince Marcello
Year Released: 2018
Rating: 1.0

Gawky junior Elle (Joey King, daughter of model Jamie) and her life-long "bestie" Lee (Joel Courtney) come up with a plan to set-up a kissing booth at their high school's fundraiser (which would never, ever be permitted in real-life ... but let's go with it) ... and then she starts developing feelings for Lee's womanizing older brother Noah (Jacob Elordi), which alarms their classmates (and parents ... and Lee). It's based on a book (first published online) by Welsh writer Beth Reekles when she was 15-years-old, and it shows: the characters are generic and the 'jokes' usually center around Elle being a bumblehead ... and usually caught in her under things (there for a tiny dose of 'gravity' is teen-com vet Molly Ringwald). Not to be a downer, but in reality that 'relationship' is probably over Noah's second week into college: I've heard about it happening just too many times.