The Week Of

Director: Robert Smigel
Year Released: 2018
Rating: 0.5

Barely middle-class Kenny (Adam Sandler) tries to prepare a wedding for his daughter Sarah (Allison Strong), who's marrying Tyler (Roland Buck), the son of a wealthy surgeon (Chris Rock), but keeps cutting corners to save money - meanwhile, the guests have taken up residence in his maxed-to-capacity house. If one was to give this an ounce of credit (it's tough, trust me), it does try, ever so clumsily, to play with stereotypes about Jewish American and African American families - and even WWII vets (thank you for your service!) - but Smigel, who's well known for voicing a cigar-smoking puppet named Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, misplaces his nasty humor and cutting remarks for this softball effort, which even goes so far as to exploit an actual amputee for "giggles." Steve Buscemi, a Sandler regular, is pleasingly offbeat ... the rest isn't worthy of Triumph's excrement.