Director: Mark Raso
Year Released: 2017
Rating: 1.0

Record company executive Matt (Jason Sudeikis) learns that his long-estranged photographer Pop (Ed Harris) is dying of liver cancer, so he begrudgingly takes one final road trip to Kansas with his Dad and his father's nurse Zoe (Elizabeth Olsen) so he can go to the only camera place in the U.S. (!?) that still develops Kodachrome film in order to process some old spools that he rediscovered. It initially avoids being what you think it might be, some mawkish father-son tear-jerking movie, with Harris and Sudeikis saying caustic things to each other (Sudeikis is deeply resentful for Dad's past behavior) and Olsen playing go-between ... but then it does become a soppy, grossly sentimental bonding narrative, with Son recognizing that some Artists make poor parents (and that his father loved him ... in his own way) and finds his new love interest in emotionally-fragile Zoe (who shares similar musical preferences). Someone needed to tell Mr. Harris not to put so much of an effort in canned material; is there a line in Sudeikis' contract that he gets to guzzle beer in every movie he's in (because that's a great idea)?