Happy Anniversary

Director: Jared Stern
Year Released: 2018
Rating: 1.0

On their third anniversary, Mollie (Noël Wells) tells her boyfriend Sam (Ben Schwartz) she's 'not happy' and that sends them both in a tizzy - she goes back to her parents while he bumbles around, sad and alone. It's plainly clear these two insufferable dipshits belong together - because, frankly, no one else can tolerate them - so the movie ambles on for a bit over an hour, as they ever so slowly come to this plain-as-day realization. Neither character is particularly endearing and the picture steers clear of being an outright comedy, so what remains is an unwelcome mix of woe-is-us and Schwartz being a ham, with possible subplots chucked into the bin for the sake of brevity. I mean honestly, who is "happy" (quotation marks necessary)? Settle for being content.