Director: Daryl Hannah
Year Released: 2018
Rating: 0.5

Several bandits, including musician Neil Young and his backing band, Promises of the Real (plus a cameo by Willie Nelson!), roam the forest worrying about the seeds (understandable, since I also despise Monsanto) and take some time to play music, too. Hannah, who's in a relationship with Young in real life, decided to take a chance at directing, but it's clear she has little storytelling ability (the 'dialogue' is a bunch of quotations and bad jokes) or any idea where to put her cameras and would have been better off making a straightforward concert film, since the songs are its sole redemptive component. Re-watching pictures from the '70s by Monte Hellman and Arthur Penn doesn't automatically make you a competent filmmaker; the deer and other occupants of the woods get screen credit, but they might want to contact their agents and have that removed.