Rough Night

Director: Lucia Aniello
Year Released: 2017
Rating: 1.5

Aspiring politician Jess (Scarlett Johansson) and friends (Jillian Bell, Zoƫ Kravitz, Ilana Glazer and Kate McKinnon) travel to Miami to have a bachelorette party, but things get weird when a 'male stripper' shows up at their place and is accidentally killed ... which makes the ladies panic and try to figure out what to do with the body. The attempts at humor are weak and ineffectual - the scenes with Demi Moore and her husband, played by Ty Burrell, should have been rethought - and the whole setup of "hiding an escort's body" wouldn't have played out so well if it was a bachelor party and a bunch of coked-up blokes were hurling a dead hooker into the Atlantic Ocean. Still, there are minor delights to be had: McKinnon (a National Treasure) adopts an Australian accent (?!) ... and hearing her play around with the dialogue is a lot of fun ("Peet-zer!"). Remember, gang: subtlety, not broad strokes, can be mighty rewarding.